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AWT has completed many jobs for various companies, many of which you probably know.


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Most of the pictures are very high resolution.



Pictures of a Massive Steel Weld Assembly




Skin Panel assembly

(contains multiple forming, fabricating, and assembly procedures)


Stainless Steel, Flat Ducts

(contains multiple welds, forms, rivets and fabrication processes)



X-ray quality Stainless Steel Welding & In-flight refueling ducts




Box weld assembly held to a tolerance of 0.010"


X-ray Quality Aluminum Welds



Inconel 625 forming, welding and assembly


Heat Shrouds


Inconel Brackets



Inconel 625 forming, welding and assembly 






625 Inconel Weld Assemblies - Including welding, brake forming, machining and assembly  


And now for our Complex Forming, Experimental Forming and Special Projects pages...





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